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6 Essential Website Tips for Financial Services

Websites are fast becoming the first touch point between a brand and its clients, whether they visit to find out all the details of its services or not. Check out the 6 essential website tips for financial services.

  1. Should our website be responsive?

The value of a responsive website is immense. Your site must be adaptable to all circumstances. As per research, your site should be professional looking and provides a good user experience, which is seen as more credible and trustworthy. If the website is frustrating to use, visitors will simply close the website. If you create a website that is only desktop-friendly, you will exclude potential customers.

According to Google’s algorithm, there are several reasons why a website may not appear prominently or may be dropped from the search results and the most important reason is your mobile should not be responsive so make sure your website should be responsive.

  1. Video

Website visitors are little impatient so Videos help to digest information quickly and effectively. Using video improves the quality of your website and most importantly, when you use video on your website, you get repeat customers.

  1. Call to action (CTA)

A call to action provides visitors the ability to sign up for a newsletter, get in touch, find out more, and learn more(and other forms of strategic buttons). Including all the above strategic buttons is key to engaging prospects and achieving your website goals.

  1. Minimal is More.

According to the trend and research, favorite websites are those that reflect a slick, cool, and professional brand. These are the call to action  Navigation, subtle interactions that respond to your scroll and clicks.

User interaction and experience are essential to a website’s design. Understanding the user journey, implementing things on the website, and directing focus in the right places will promote your site and encourage more users.

Top Minimal Website Examples for Reference

  1. Visuals and Icons

Avoid low-quality stock images.

Visuals and icons balance a brand’s style and increase its perceptiveness. Your uniqueness is your selling point; maintain that uniqueness in every design or project.

  1. Secure sites and logins: FSA of the web

You can’t take a risk while making financial services websites, you need to be more aware of related sites’ security. In 2017, a time of financial compliance and regulations, researchers found that small red padlocks indicating the site is not verified or safe to visit on some browsers mean these sites won’t load at all, Customers received an error message.

A simple SSL certificate provides trust and the knowledge that any time spent on the site, or any data they submit, will be secure. A small investment will go a long way.