Corporate Training program

Learning and exploring something new altogether, is like taking small steps towards big success. Skill development is essential for a company to tower up in ever evolving IT industry. Organization achieves this goal through arranging training programs, workshops and team coaching at regular intervals.

AWTS is one of the best corporate trainers based out in Pune. We have more than 10 years experienced corporate trainers to organize trainings, workshops with emphasis on real-time problem-solving skills. We are well skilled in delivering corporate trainings for Microservices, DevOps and QlikView.

Microservices are high in demand in software architecture world. Major companies as Amazon, eBay, Netflix, Karma tried and tested microservices and found it alluring. Applications build through microservices uses individual services which are independent to each other and deployed, managed with different teams.

Our trainers will teach you the architecture of microservices and how to break large component into smaller ones and make them collaborate with each other independently. Spring Boot’s preconfigured features and Spring Cloud will make you learn Microservices effectively. You will also gain practical knowledge with real time examples through the use of Spring Cloud, Spring Boot and Spring Data.

Overall, you will gain knowledge of –

  • Configuration management through Spring Cloud Config
  • Software Circuit breakers with Hystrix
  • Dynamic configuration updates using Spring Cloud Bus
  • Service discovery with Spring Cloud Eureka
  • Client-side load balancing with Ribbon
  • Declare REST with Feign
  • Use Spring Boot to build standalone web applications and RESTful Services.
  • Secure transport layer vis HTTPS
  • Implement asynchronous messaging using JMS
  • Build Microservices

DevOps program is set of practices that is union of Software Development (Dev) and Information Technology Operations (Ops), its aim is to reduce the duration of software delivery lifecycle and provide qualified software deliverables regularly. It is never ending process of continuous improvement.

Few reasons, why IT industry needs to adopt DevOps principles –

  • Shorter development lifecycle, faster innovation
  • If development and operations are not connected together, then there is will be delay in application delivery and this cycle goes on. If these teams are integrated then, the product delivery will turn faster and success ratio of company increases speedily than their competitors.
  • Reduce development failures, Rollbacks and Time to Recover – Team experiences development failures due to programming deficiency. Rollback comes into picture and again the development and deployment cycle continue. DevOps encourages shorter development cycle with frequent code releases. Thus, it makes easy to find out code defects, reduces deployment failures and recovery is much faster.
  • Improved communication and collaboration – DevOps refines software development culture. Teams are happier and more productive. Teams work together seamlessly toward common goal.
  • Increased Efficiency - As all the teams are interconnected through DevOps, intra and inter team efficiency increases and the task is performed without delay and before time.
  • Reduce Costs and IT Headcount -  DevOps benefits translate to reduce overall costs and IT headcount requirements.

QlikView is most adaptable Business Intelligence stage for transforming data into information. It is next generation analytics platform that has enables the customers to efficiently scan, consolidate and analyse the data for business understanding.

Few features of QlikView are –

  • Freeform Associative Exploration
  • Dashboarding/ Guided Analytics
  • Advanced Data Preparation
  • Broad Data Connectivity

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